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(except pepper and salt)
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Set of 18 cm manual wood pepper and salt mills in a natural and chocolate finish

The chocolate finished pepper mill and natural wood salt mill make this iconic pair from the Peugeot range so distinctive. Whether on the table or in the kitchen, you can easily tell the pepper from the salt with the 18 cm – 7in Paris set.
Grinding system

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Paris 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

Peugeot's signature pair

Easy to recognise with its sleek curved profile, the Paris range from Peugeot comes down through the ages without ever looking dated. Showcasing Peugeot's expertise and eye-catching designs, the Paris mill is a true work of art, a timeless classic. Although this shape is available in a wide range of sizes and colours, this highly classic set features a chocolate-coloured pepper mill and a salt mill with a natural finish. Whether on the table or in the kitchen, the 18 cm – 7in Paris set is a must-have. The practical golden button atop both mills can be used to easily adjust the coarseness of the pepper or salt. Turn the button clockwise for an extremely fine grind or counterclockwise for a coarser grind. A specific mechanism is required to suit the distinctive properties of each condiment. For instance, the pepper mill and salt mill both have a unique mechanism. The 18 cm Paris natural salt mill is exclusively designed for dry salt (rock salt). Do not use wet sea salt (Guérande or Noirmoutier sea salt), dried sea salt or pepper.

 * Iconic mill
 * Made in France
 * Mechanism with a lifetime warranty
 * Wood sourced from sustainably-managed French forests
 * Two colours: chocolate for the pepper mill and natural for the salt mill