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Paris Bouquet
Set of 6 red wine glasses 20 cl - 6,7oz

The Paris Bouquet red wine glasses enhance your wine as well as your table.
Grinding system

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Designed and developed with the expertise of experienced winemakers and sommeliers, the Peugeot Paris Bouquet range allows you to make the most of the expression of wines, whilst highlighting their specific characters. Immediately identifiable by the ring of glass indicating the join between stem and bowl, the Paris Bouquet collection requires real technical skill on the part of the glassmaker. The Paris Bouquet red wine glass brings out the best aspect of the fruit and, in the mouth, brings out the roundness and smoothness of your wine, whilst allowing it to breathe perfectly. The generous size of the glass allows the wine to develop as needed. With a narrow and slightly elongated mouth, the bouquet is concentrated in the glass and smooths the wine on the palate. Made of lead-free crystal glass, it will enhance both your wines and your table with great enjoyment.